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Immediate Dentures

To explain what an immediate denture is, let’s use an example:

For Instance, if you have remaining upper or lower teeth that are unfortunately of poor quality and cannot be restored, these teeth will need to be extracted first, the bone and gums would have to heal and then a denture could be made.

This process can take several months, if not longer due to shrinkage and re-absorption and you would have to go without teeth for this time period.

As an alternative we utilise an immediate denture technique. How this is done is, impressions of your mouth while your teeth are still present would be done and models of your mouth are then produced and a denture is designed to your current oral state.

When your teeth are extracted, your new denture is ready to be inserted by your dentist, in this way you never have to go without teeth.

In order to compensate the rapid changes that occur during healing, approximately 3 months, a temporary denture lining may be used until at such times usually around 6 months post extractions a Reline of the denture will be required, or the possibility that a new denture will be required to be constructed if changes are excessive. 

Each patient’s oral anatomy is different speak to our Dental Prosthetist for more information.

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