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metal partial dentures

Metal Partial Dentures

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Metal Partial Dentures are thinner and smaller in the mouth than most other options, they offer great strength and stability as well as support for remaining teeth.

Because of their rigid frame it is also possible to transfer bite forces to your remaining teeth, rather than supporting gums by the use of metal rests on the opposing surface of the supporting teeth.

We offer many and varied choices with design. Retention on a cast metal partial denture can be either cast metal retainers, flexible nylon or tooth coloured resin.

Metal partial dentures may be repaired, relined or added to just like other dentures, however this may also include welding to ensure the best result, so it is important to check with our Dental Prosthetist.

Payment: FREE consultation

A deposit is payable on start of denture work.

Full payment on completion of the denture.

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